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Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company, is a small family owned and operated company producing nine all natural beverages, made with the finest ingedients.

From the light and refreshing taste of the Vermont Maple Seltzer to the bolder, rich flavor of the Vermont Maple Soda, they have proven winners with the maple flavors.

For the fruit and cola lovers, they focused on flavors that "big guys" overlooked, and produced Country Apple Jack, Mango Moonshine, Tangerine Cream Twister, Raspberry Rhubarb Ramble, and Kickin' Cow-Cola.

How about one that the big guys make but don't do it naturally... Rugged Mountain Root Beer. A clean and refreshing taste that is still all natural.

Last but not least, they just introduced Back Country Blueberry Lemon. A Blueberry Lemon that has the taste of blueberry with a twist of lemon.

All nine natural beverages have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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